The Kanakuk Institute is an eight-month college graduate discipleship and leadership program equipping students with the truth of God’s Word and establishing confidence in what they believe and why resulting in transformation from brokenness to living with freedom and purpose.


At the Kanakuk Institute, you will have the opportunity to learn how to study God’s Word, discover what you believe and why, and how to apply what you’ve learned to make wise daily decisions for the rest of your life.


At the Kanakuk Institute, you will be mentored, taught principles in discipleship, and choose a professional or ministry internship to immediately apply learning to life and future leadership..

DEVELOP PURPOSE You will identify a vision for life, develop a purpose behind everything you do, and learn how your gifts can be used to advance the gospel and live a life of intentionality.


At the Kanakuk Insitute you will have the opportunity to develop authentic, Christ-centered friendships for a lifetime through fun events, academic settings, service projects and more.


At the Kanakuk Institute, you will be challenged to be a leader with character in every area of your life through opportunities to lead, serve, speak and with consistent accountability.