The curriculum of the Kanakuk Institute is designed to benefit any student desiring a deeper knowledge of the Word of God. From seminary graduates to those with limited exposure to the Bible, our students gain understanding in not only what they believe, but why they believe it and how to defend it.

KI’s curriculum begins with understanding the big picture of biblical context and history and ends with articulating specifics of Theology. The KI year consists of two semesters with differing intensives. In the Fall Semester we focus on the Old Testament and Bible Overview, and in the Spring we focus on the New Testament and Theology. Throughout, students are challenged to continually return to their individual Vision Statement to grasp how what they are learning factors into God’s call for the future.

Throughout the year, we have integrated several key projects to help our students think critically about biblical history, truth, and “real life.” To learn more about each of these projects, use the Side Menu to navigate or click on the project name: Vision Statement, Inductive Bible Study, Internships, Bible Overview, Life Lines, Belief Statements.

After graduation, KI Alumni use their biblical skills and practical life experience to transform hospitals, schools, churches, and businesses across the globe. They are making a difference through Bible study, service, missions, and a daily example of living for Christ in the workplace.