The curriculum of the Kanakuk Institute is designed to benefit any student desiring a deeper knowledge of the Word of God. From seminary graduates to those with limited exposure to the Bible, Institute students gain understanding in what they believe, why they believe it, and how they can defend the truth.

The curriculum begins with understanding the big picture of biblical history and ends with articulating specifics of theology. The Kanakuk Institute year consists of two semesters with differing intensives. In the Fall Semester we focus on the Old Testament and Bible Overview, and in the Spring Semester we focus on the New Testament and Systematic Theology. Students are challenged throughout the year to return to their individual Vision Statement to see how what they are learning factors into God’s call on their lives for the future.

We have integrated several key projects to help our students think critically about biblical history, truth, and “real life.”

Vision Statement

At the Kanakuk Institute, our students spend time in prayer, discovering and articulating their calling and crafting a Vision Statement for their life. We challenge our students to put into words what they are called to do, why they want to pursue it, and how they would like to accomplish their goals. Several times through the Institute year our students revisit their Vision Statement to evaluate their future direction. Keeping a close pulse on their purpose helps our students intentionally pursue their calling while avoiding distractions. The goal of this project is to push our students toward confident, purposeful living.

Inductive Bible Study

One of the primary goals of the Kanakuk Institute is to develop spiritual leaders. We believe two of the defining characteristics of spiritual leadership are the ability to understand Truth from the Word of God and the ability to take what God is teaching you and teach others.

Kanakuk Institute students are trained in the Inductive Bible Study Method by Precept Ministries certified instructor, David Lawson. The students participate in inductive study of Scripture every week of the program. The goal of our intensive Inductive Bible Study is to produce students who can accurately handle the Word of God.

Ministry Internship

While attending the Kanakuk Institute, every student has the opportunity to serve in the community by completing a practicum. The purpose of the practicum is for Institute students to pursue, explore, and advance their vocational pursuits while getting to practice the biblical discipleship skills they are learning at the Institute. Students have the opportunity to select a desired area and are able to work with the Institute staff to choose a practicum that will best fit their goals.

Students will complete 5-8 hours/week for a total of 175 hours for the year. Church and parachurch ministry internships are available. Students serving in these internships will have the opportunity to attend planning meetings with directors, lead or co-lead small groups, and help run weekly group meetings for young adults in the community.

Bible Overview

The ability to understand and teach the Bible chronologically and historically is difficult for most Christians. The Kanakuk Institute believes there is value in knowing the gospel story from Genesis to Revelation – understanding the Big Picture that ties everything together into one complete story and makes the specifics much more significant in meaning. This Big Picture is the heart of the Bible Overview project. Over one semester, students create their own teaching notes to teach others how God moves through the history of the Bible and mankind to proclaim salvation and His Kingdom. After writing their teaching notes, students are asked to use them to teach staff members in a graded panel.

The Goal of the Bible Overview Project is for students to be able to teach the story of redemption from Genesis to Revelation in 30 minutes.

Life Lines

Once a week in the Fall Semester, students are presented controversial cultural issues and challenged to write a biblically grounded position statement. Once completed, students discuss the positions and apply them to real life scenarios, learning how to best articulate biblical truth.

The goal of the Life Line Project is for students to gain an understanding of how to respond to “gray areas” within the church, how to discuss hot topics with a group of people in ways that are beneficial and encouraging, and how to allow their worldview to be shaped by truth.

Belief Statements

The Kanakuk Institute started with the goal to equip students to know their convictions. We believe it is important for them to know why they believe what they believe. For this reason, Kanakuk Institute students complete a semester long project writing the fundamental truths of the Christian faith. Students develop their scriptural foundation using only the Word of God as a reference. Claims are made about God the Father, God the Son, God the Spirit, man, sin, salvation, angels, Satan, demons, the church, the scriptures, and spiritual life. Students must support every claim with verses. Individuals are stretched, challenged, and forced to defend even the most foundational of assumptions about Christianity. To finish the project, students sit before a panel of 5-10 ministry leaders for one hour and defend what they believe using only the Bible. They walk away with a wealth of knowledge and a physical document supporting their spiritual beliefs. Every year the Belief Statement Project is overwhelmingly the favorite activity.

The goal of the Belief Statement Project is for students to know what they believe and how to answer practical questions based on that knowledge.