At the Kanakuk Institute, we recognize that a significant amount of people view the Bible as an assortment of old stories, missing the heartbeat that unites the books as one. People know the stories of Adam, Joshua, Moses, Abraham, or King David, but not how those people connect and what role they play in the story of salvation. The ability to understand and teach the Bible chronologically and historically is difficult for most Christians. The Kanakuk Institute believes there is value in knowing the gospel story from Genesis to Revelation–understanding the Big Picture that ties everything together into one complete Story and makes the specifics much more significant in meaning. This Big Picture is the heart of the Bible Overview project. Over one semester, students create their own teaching notes to teach others how God moves through the history of the Bible and mankind to proclaim salvation and His Kingdom. After writing their teaching notes, students are then asked to use them to teach staff members. Students are stretched and challenged but walk away with a valuable tool, ready to teach the gospel from beginning to end. The Kanakuk Institute believes the best way to learn something is to teach it to someone else!

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