One of the primary goals of the Kanakuk Institute is to develop leaders. Our belief is that two of the defining characteristics of spiritual leaders are the ability to feed themselves Truth from the Word of God and the ability to take what God is teaching them to teach others. It is more than reading the Bible for duty’s sake. It is learning to be a student of the Word—digging and searching, asking questions of the Text and knowing where to look for the answers.  It is learning the place of hermeneutics and exegesis in correct Biblical interpretation, then taking all things learned and helping others to understand the same.

Practically speaking, students of the Kanakuk Institute are trained in the Inductive Bible Study Method by Precept Ministries certified instructor, David Lawson. Then they individually participate in Inductive Bible studies, which are designed to make students slow down and let the text of Scripture speak for itself. Daily, KI students studying the Biblical text verse by verse. Once a week, the students meet for Men’s and Women’s discussion groups to further understand the text as well as to bring forth greater application and to check on weekly Scripture memory. Through all of this, students learn not just how to study the Word of God but also the importance of being able to feed oneself Truth from Scripture and the significant role of the Body of Christ in sharpening our Biblical understanding and application.

Accurately handling the Word of God is pivotal in our lives as believers, therefore Inductive Bible Study holds a key place in the Kanakuk Institute’s curriculum. To see how Truth and your life fit together, check out our Vision Statements project. Or Contact Us with any questions.