Life is messy, complicated, confusing, and filled with differing opinions on various “shades of gray”–even within the church itself. We all know that, as believers, we should be culturally relevant but morally distinct from the world around us; yet we need to take time to understand how Scripture speaks toward different cultural issues. This is why the Kanakuk Institute instituted the LifeLine Project. Once a week throughout the Fall semester, students are given a semi- to controversial cultural moral issue and challenged in small groups to write a Biblically grounded position statement. Once completed, students discuss the positions and apply them to real life scenarios, learning how to best articulate Biblical Truth and help others involved in the given issue. Students gain an understanding of how to respond to “gray issues” within the church, how to discuss hot topics with a group of people in ways that are beneficial and encouraging and, how to extrapolate from Truth to form and shape the morality of their worldview.

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