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Putting Belief Statements to the Test

As you may know, our students are participating in a semester-long project to identify and defend with Scripture what they believe about ten different topics. Topics include: the Trinity, God the Father, God the Son, God the Spirit, Salvation, Angels & Demons, the Church, the Bible, the Christian Life, and one topic of student choice…. Read more »


The Heavenly Man

Recommended reading from Shay Robbins, Director of K-2. Shay’s been reading the book, The Heavenly Man (an autobiography of Chinese Christian Brother Yun). This morning he gave a devotional challenge to the class comparing the life of Brother Yun with our own lives in our at times very comfortable American Christianity. The book chronicles the… Read more »


Why the X?

Check out this post from RC Sproul explaining why we abbreviate Christmas with an X.