There is no application fee and no obligation to the Kanakuk Institute until you decide to officially enroll:

Our interview and acceptance process is as follows:

1. Create a profile and submit an application online.

2. We will contact you to schedule an interview by phone or in-person.

3. Upon acceptance we will email you information about enrollment paperwork and deposit.

4. Once the enrollment paperwork and deposit have been turned in, you are officially contracted to come to the Kanakuk Institute.

Please let us know if you need help in the process. Call 417-266-3158 or contact us.

For Students desiring to do JBU/Kanakuk Institute Masters, check out JBU’s grad school page for more information on their MBA & MS degree options, then click here to apply to JBU.

Regarding the DTS transfer credit partnership please contact their Registrar. To apply to DTS, click here.



The Kanakuk Institute accepts single and married applicants. Many times both the husband and the wife are students, learning God’s Word together. Married applicants are encouraged to live on campus to take advantage of the community that develops in each Kanakuk Institute Class. If both husband and wife will be students at the Kanakuk Institute, normal tuition will apply for each student. If one spouse will not be a student at the Kanakuk Institute, contact us for pricing and tuition information.