The Kanakuk Institute provides a place for young men and women to intensively study the Word of God and experience life-change through biblical community and the power of the gospel. The Institute delivers the applicable essentials of seminary in a way that prepares students to live a Christ-exalting life in any occupation.


We bring in well respected pastors, seminary professors, and apologists on a weekly basis to equip students with a biblical foundation that will serve them the rest of their lives, regardless of their career, role or circumstances.

Weekly Teaching

The curriculum will include in-depth teaching through individual books of the Bible, theological topics and apologetics, practical application, and leadership development tools from various experts in each field. Practical assignments are given based on the teaching each week.  

Inductive Bible Study

Learn how to learn to truly study the Bible on your own. We will do a study on the Old Testament in the fall and New Testament in the Spring.

Bible Overview

Be equipped to confidently present the entire Bible in 30 Minutes.

Lifeline and Belief Statements

Establish what you believe and why on cultural issues and major doctrines to build a foundation for your life.


Be equipped to confidently stand before a panel to answer life’s most important questions with a Biblical Worldview.


Discipleship is at the core of everything we do and we desire to prepare students to confidently practice discipleship as they move forward. You will have the opportunity to be invested in as you learn to do the same for others.


Practice what you are learning and leadership through real life situations in ministry, medical or education.

Small Group

Participate in a weekly small group where to help apply what you are learning and be guided by a small group leader.


Meet one-on-one every two to three weeks with Institute Staff to help guide where you’ve been and develop where you are headed.


Experience genuine community through honest sharing, confession, support and friendship.


Invest in a recent high school graduate in our Link Year gap year program each week.

Discussion Groups

Students will have the chance to reinforce what they are learning through regular discussion groups and teaching opportunities.

Personal Development

Create a purpose statement, understand your strengths and gifts, and receive life coaching to help navigate your future.


Although the Institute has strong Academics, learning happens as much outside the classroom as inside. The fellowship, support and accountability is tremendously rich as you join other students in learning God’s Word and establishing a foundation for your life. We have tons of fun too!


Located in Branson, MO right on Lake Taneycomo, KI is on the beautiful eight acre campus of K-Kauai (Kanakuk’s Family Kamp).

Student Life

There will be an array of fun activities and events throughout the year. They will happen during evenings or weekends and will be scheduled in the calendar in advance for you to plan around.

Community Service

Students will be required to do eight hours of service projects in the community each semester.


Throughout the year, there are special programs like Spirit Week, Powder Puff football, Run to the Lights, Cooking Class, and March Madness for students.


Students get to participate in Intramural sports, such as football and basketball, each week. We will also have Run to the Lights 5K and the Masters Mini Golf Tournament.

Host Family

Each student will have a host family that lives in Branson where they can be connected with the community, share meals, and be supported.

Parents Weekend

We hope that all Parents will join us for this weekend to get a true picture of what students are experiencing at the Institute. Link to Parent’s Weekend Page with details.