Discipleship is taken very seriously at the Kanakuk Institute. One of our core values is that students understand all aspects of discipleship, from being discipled to discipling others. Because of this core value, students are placed into small groups and taught the Paul-Timothy-Barnabas principle.

Paul: In the Bible, Paul was a mentor to Timothy as they worked to spread the gospel and the church! Paul taught Timothy to be more Christ-like, encouraging him in his faith. Students at the Kanakuk Institute will be placed in Timothy Groups with a Paul, who will much the same, encourage them in their faith. Students will be intentionally mentored and held accountable by an older Christian.

Timothy: Each student will then become a Paul and have a Timothy figure from the community that they will walk with in discipleship. The purpose of these groups is to take high school and junior high school students into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

Barnabas: In the Bible, Barnabas was a peer to Paul and encouraged him in his call to ministry and relationship with the Lord. Students at the Kanakuk Institute are paired with another student and become accountability partners, encouraging one another. Students are surrounded by like-minded Christians spurring one another on, just as Barnabas did for Paul.

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