If a prospective student cannot personally afford the Kanakuk Institute, we encourage them to consider raising support to help fund their time at the Kanakuk Institute.  Many students have done so over the years. This support can be for tuition, the trip to Israel, any other living expenses, etc. Below are some useful and educational resources regarding support raising.


Master Guide to Raising Support:

This is an all-encompassing guide to raising support. If you read one document, read this.  It introduces the biblical basis for support raising and provides specific and actionable steps to guide the support raising process.  From reading this document, it will become clear that support raising is not as daunting as it may seem.  Rather, it is a logical process in which the Lord’s faithfulness is consistently evident.  Click the below link to access the document:

Master Guide to Raising Support


Gifts to Help Ministry Participants

Many parents or people ask if they contribute to financially support a Kanakuk Institute student’s tuition, will that contribution be deductible?  This document from the ECFA answers this question and elaborates upon the explanation.  Click the below link to access the document:

Gifts to Help Ministry Participants