After students graduate from the Kanakuk Institute, they take the year’s worth of biblical, leadership, and faith training and are launched across the country and even the world! Whether they become teachers, coaches, real estate agents, or political leaders, one thing is for sure–Institute graduates become the parents and community leaders of the next generation. The impact that training for “a lifetime of ministry” will have can only be measured through kingdom eyes. Imagine the legacy of faith that builds with each newly graduated class!

Career Breakdown
Alumni Testimonies

Career Breakdown

Largely, our Alumni are split 50/50 whether they pursue the business or the ministry world after graduating from the Kanakuk Institute. You can look at this chart to see how those numbers actually breakdown.

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Student Testimonies

We could give you 100 reasons why we believe in and support what God is doing through the Kanakuk Institute, but we know that the best measure of a program comes from the its graduated students. Here are a few Alumni; hear what they have to say about their time at KI:

Jill Ulrich McElya, Class of 2006

The Institute taught me more about how to be an excellent leader than any other school or life experience I had until then.  It equipped me to become the servant-leader that God calls us to be, when He places us in management positions.  It also placed in me a further desire to live out God’s call for my life through ministry, (particularly justice ministry) no matter where He wanted to send me.

Because of my training at the Institute, I was prepared to accept the position of Deputy Director and Director of the Legal Department for a field office for International Justice Mission.  Following the Institute, for two years, I lived in South Asia and led a team of national staff members, who were lawyers, in the rescue and release of bonded laborers (slaves).  As a team, we also prosecuted the perpetrators of this form of slavery.

After my time in South Asia, my husband and I began our own non-profit organization called the Invisible Girl Project, which we now manage from the United States.  Our organization works with indigenous organizations in India to combat the killing of baby girls (female infanticide), a practice that still regularly occurs there.  We also seek to add to the perceived value of girls in India, so that they are viewed as God desires them to be, and so that their lives are spared.  Once again, I truly believe that God used the Institute in my life to prepare me to lead and to live out the unique ministry He has for me, in “doing justice” (Micah 6:8) on the other side of the world.

Wes McGehee, Class of 2007

As an Admissions Counselor at Mississippi College I have the privilege of walking alongside students as they make the ever important decision of what life will be like after high school.  Since Mississippi College is a Christian University, I have the freedom to not only help students understand whether MC is the right school for their college career, but also help them seek after the Lord’s will for their life.  The great part about my position at MC is that my relationship with students does not cease upon their matriculation.  Thankfully, it is just the beginning!  My office door is always open and the highlight of my day is when a student drops by to say hello.  I love to have a listening a ear and offer encouragement and advice whenever the opportunity presents itself.  It is at this point I am truly grateful for the time I spent at the Kanakuk Institute.  I see the value and worth of learning Biblical skills for a lifestyle of ministry come true everyday.  My hope is simple:  my work honors the Lord and helps students draw closer to Him.

Malachi Verharst, Class of 2009

As a youth pastor in Seattle, the challenges in my work and ministry are not unique to me.  Every believer struggles to show the love of Christ to a lost world.  But I am thankful everyday for the mentoring and training I received at the Kanakuk Institute, which has given me a foundation of knowledge and ministry skills that allows me to overcome any difficulties I may face.

Sidney Rutherford, Class of 2009

My year at the  Kanakuk Institute has by far been the best year of my life.  I now work for Campus Crusade for Christ at the University of Texas, and I use my training in how to study scripture daily in ministry. As part of the program, students are required to complete an overview of Bible structure and history.  I now use my project as a semester study with students at UT.  Last spring I taught through the bible with some sorority girls who are now going through it with their disciples.

I would not feel prepared or confident to be working with college students, to handle the skeptics and their questions, if I hadn’t attended the Kanakuk Institute.  Before KI I might not have been able to answer those questions, and even now when I don’t have the answers I can look through scripture confidently and point them to answers there. Now I have a blueprint of what it means to live in a community of believers doing life together as the body of Christ.  I am forever in debt to KI for all I’ve learned.  It will truly transform you. Get excited for the best year of your life!

Bodie Connelly, Class of 2010

Since graduating from the Institute I’ve been working in Maui, Hawaii as the Administrations Manager for a hotel and in real estate investments. The biggest thing I took away from the Institute and apply everyday in Hawaii is how to grow and walk as a man of complete integrity in a place in deep need of the gospel of Jesus. The Institute equipped me with the abilities to grow my own relationship with God and with the courage to share that growth with the people here. Thanks to the Institute, although I am mostly surrounded by non-Christians, I am completely unafraid to let the light of Christ be seen in me no matter who is looking.

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