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The Kanakuk Institute is a priceless investment with life-changing results for generations to come.

Through the generosity of our donors, each participating student will receive a $7,500 scholarship toward the $20,000 cost of the Kanakuk Institute. In exchange for this scholarship, students will participate in our Work Study Program, a two-hour weekly commitment. 


Once the scholarship is applied, actual tuition for the Kanakuk Institute Class of 2021 is $12,500 and may be split into two easy payments.

Work Study Program

Every student at the Kanakuk Institute is eligible to receive a $7,500 scholarship. As part of the scholarship, students are asked to spend two hours a week completing a campus job. We have more than 40 campus jobs to choose from and students will have the opportunity to select a job based on their interests and schedule.

Students will also be assigned a meal crew, showing up early to one meal a week to help serve, and clean the dining hall after.

You will have the opportunity to enroll in the work study program when you complete your enrollment paperwork.

Student Loan Option via John Brown University Masters Program

If a student chooses to pursue a Master’s degree with John Brown University or another partner institution, the additional credit hours needed for degree completion will run at the specific University’s tuition rate. Learn more.

*Students enrolling in the John Brown University Masters Program are eligible to receive student loans for their entire tuition (including KI’s $12,250 cost). Those students not enrolling in JBU are not eligible to receive student loans.

Why Kanakuk Institute?

  • Strengthen your Worldview
  • Study, Teach, & Defend the Word of God Accurately
  • Cultivate Biblical Community
  • Develop Life Purpose Statement
  • Life-changing Transformation & Freedom in Christ
  • Genuine Discipleship with Lifelong Friends & Mentors

KI Tuition includes:

  • Room, Board & Meals
  • Class Fees & Dynamic Teaching
  • Certificate of Biblical Studies & Leadership
  • 12 Hours of Transfer Master's Credit
  • Most Student Life Activities
To support their tuition, most students fundraise with the many tools provided by the Kanakuk Institute. About 35-50% of KI students also choose to work part-time in the community.

Cost of Living Comparison

The cost of the Kanakuk Institute can be intimidating, but when you compare to the cost of living in major cities it is actually lower.  In addition to the room and board, you will receive the Certificate of Biblical Studies and Leadership, be equipped with knowledge of scripture, live in incredible community, establish your purpose statement, and experience genuine transformation. 

National Average$252.69$1,095.00$13,140.00
Kanakuk Institute$240.38$1,041.67$12,500.00
Kansas City$264.82$1,147.55$13,770.60
Oklahoma City$255.53$1,107.28$13,287.36
  • Cost of living for the Kanakuk Institue includes: room, board, seminary and master’s credits, and most student life activities.
  • Cost of living for cities includes: average rent for one-bedroom apartment or room and average food cost.

Please Note: 

Any payment made toward a specific student’s tuition is not tax deductible, thus the Institute is unable to issue gift receipts or 1098T forms for tuition.