Tuition for students of the Kanakuk Institute Class of 2020 is $12,250 after the scholarship is applied. This tuition covers room and board and class fees (including the 12 hours of transfer credit to John Brown University and/or the the transfer credit to Southern and Southeastern Seminaries). If a student chooses to pursue the master’s degree with John Brown University or or another partner institution, the additional credit hours needed for degree completion will run at the specific university’s tuition rate.

The approximate cost per student attending the Kanakuk Institute is around $22,000. However, through the generosity of our donors, each student has the opportunity to accept a $10,000 scholarship to attend. In exchange for this scholarship, students will be asked to participate in a work/study job three hours per week and weekly dining hall clean-up rotations, as well as occasional campus workdays.


Tuition Amount Due Date
Deposit Fee $250.00 Contract Signed
Non-refundable deposit due
Scholarship Acceptance $10,000.00 None, all students at the Kanakuk Institute are given the opportunity to accept a $10,000.00 scholarship
Fall Payment $6,000.00 September 15
Spring Payment $6,000.00 January 31

*Students enrolling in the John Brown University masters program are eligible to receive student loans for their entire tuition (including KI’s $12,250 cost).  Those students not enrolling in JBU are not eligible to receive student loans.

Details on the Work Study Program

Every student at the Kanakuk Institute is elligible to receive a $10,000 scholarship. As part of the scholarship, students are asked to spend 3 hours a week completing a campus job. We have over 40 campus jobs to choose from and students will have the opportunity to select a job based on their interests and schedule. Students will also be assigned a meal crew, showing up early to one meal a week to help serve and clean the dining hall. You will have the opportunity to enroll in the work study program when you complete your enrollment paperwork.