Future Students

good friendsIf you desire to make an impact for the Kingdom of Christ regardless of your career choice, the Kanakuk Institute is an excellent way to equip your passion with the skills and knowledge needed to turn any job into a lifetime of ministry. Our goal is to see you become a leader who understands the fullness of your faith and can practically apply it to real world settings. Everything we do is designed to challenge you to develop vision and purpose for your life with a strong biblical foundation.


Why should I do this program?

Understand Truth:  You will spend eight months learning to accurately handle the Word of God.  By the end of the year, you will be equipped to teach the Bible from cover to cover.

Experience Discipleship:  You will be mentored, taught principles of discipleship, and placed in ministry or professional internships to apply learning to life.

Build Character:  Become firmly rooted in the grace of God through consistent accountability and faithful study of God’s Word.

Cultivate Community:  Develop lifelong friendships as you worship, study, laugh, encourage, challenge, and live life together.

Develop Purpose:  Identify a vision for life, develop a purpose behind everything you do, and learn how your gifts can be used to further the Kingdom of God.

Continue Education:  Acquire a biblical foundation while earning credit toward a Master’s Degree at John Brown University or up to 28 credit hours at Dallas Theological Seminary.

Invest Finances:  For $9,850 you receive graduate credit, tuition, housing, meals and training. Plus, the Institute schedule is structured to allow students to work part-time in the community.

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