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We are committed to helping you continue to grow in your love and knowledge of Jesus Christ as well as equip you with the truth of God’s Word as you engage with our culture all over the world.

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Tune in every Monday for the Kanakuk Institute Podcast.  We will provide teaching on books of the Bible as well as cover subjects like discipleship, prayer, and suffering.  New episodes will launch each week!

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God’s Will

God’s Sovereign Will informs our entire understanding of will. It is defined by His character and his over-arching plan in humanity for redemption. This is the base of our understanding of His Will.

God’s Revealed Will is His clearly defined will for our
lives. It encompasses obedience and faithfulness to His Word and supersedes emotional and circumstantial influences in our lives.

God’s Specific Will for our lives is driven by our desire to know God’s plan for our lives and to be obedient. We can not truly know this will without a knowledge of His Sovereign and Revealed Will. 

For more details and scriptures on God’s Will, download the handout below. 

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This handout from Keith Chancey pulls verses from the book of Luke to help you and  encouraged to pray. Keith states, “I really believe prayer changes the world. Prayer is the greatest secret weapon that shouldn’t be so secret.”

For more details and prayer and practical suggestions for a prayer journal, download the handout below. 

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Bible Overview

Students of the Class of 2022 recently presented their Bible Overviews. Every time we get to hear a student present it is a reminder of how Jesus is woven in every page of Scripture and is what the story is all about. We thought it would be fun to give you a Bible Overview recap guide to remind you too that Jesus is the center of the story. 

Click here to walk through the Bible Overview recap guide! And if you did your Bible Overview differently than we have done it in the past few years (a 30 minute presentation of the story of the Bible), this will be a great resource to maybe go back and make your Bible Overview a cohesive resource! 


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The object of discipleship is simply to take someone in the faith and help them grow in intimacy with Christ, develop a deep foundation built on God’s Word, and empower them to engage the world around them with the love and truth modeled by Jesus.

For more details and scriptures on discipleship, download the resource below.


"Your greatest discipleship tool is your personal intimacy with Jesus."

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Teaching from our Staff

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